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Take a peak at our Key West Fishing Report to find out what’s biting. As the year goes on and the weather patterns change, so do the habits of the fish we like to target here in the Florida Keys. If you have any questions about when to come down or what will be biting when you are here feel free to shoot me a message or give me call.

Latest Fishing Reports

Fall/Winter Fishing Report

It’s officially cooled down here in Key West and the Lower Keys. These lower temps will bring in a wide variety of fish to target like jacks, barracudas, snapper, sharks and more!

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Spring Fishing Report

The fishing is heating up down here in the Florida Keys and Key West. The big tarpon are starting to show up and I have a feeling this is going to be a killer season. Flats fishing for bonefish and permit has also been very good.

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Winter Fishing Report

This is the best time of year to get out there and catch numbers and a wide variety of species like jacks, barracuda, snapper, sharks and more. The sight fishing and fly fishing has also been great!

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Fall Fishing Report

Stay up to date on what is biting in Key West. It is shaping up to be a great season click the link to find out why!

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Flats Fishing in Key West

Click here to learn more about flats fishing in Key West and the Florida Keys. It doesn’t get much more challenging and equally rewarding than sight fishing in the shallows in the Keys.

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Fly Fishing For Bonefish

Targeting bonefish on fly in the Florida Keys in an iconic sport. These fish were made to catch on a fly rod.

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Fly Fishing For Baby Tarpon

Throwing flies at these little tarpon up around the mangrove shorelines and backcountry flats is a fun experience here in Key West and the Florida Keys. Check this out for a little inside peak on what to expect.

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Summertime Fishing Report – 2019

The inshore sport fishing fishing is fantastic right now here in Key West. Tarpon are all over the flats an backcountry as well as good numbers of bonefish and permit! 

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February Fishing Report – 2019

Spring is almost upon us here in Key West and the fishing is heating up! Tarpon are showing up and the Permit fishing has been really good as well. This time of year is a really popular time of year for people to come down and fish in the Keys so be sure to book your trips in advance!

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Fall Fishing in Key West – October 10th 2018

This time of year is typically a transitional period between the warmer and cooler months. We still have out summertime species playing around in the shallows and at the same time start to get a push of our wintertime fish into the backcountry.

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August Fishing Report- August 12th 2018

I love this time of year. It is a great time to get on the water here in the Florida Keys. The weather is typically very nice and the sport fishing is off the chain!

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June Fishing Report – June 13th 2018

We are still in the heat of tarpon season here in the Florida Keys and Key West. There are big fish all over the place and they are chewing!

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May Fishing Report – May 13th 2018

Well it is officially tarpon season here in the Florida Keys and they are here in full force. Weather has been a little off the last couple days and will continue to be rainy and windy but the fish don’t seem to mind! 

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Marquesas Fishing Adventure – April 22, 2018
The Marquesas Keys are home to a very cool fishery. Join along as I day dream about one of my favorite mornings heading out to this chain of islands. If you are looking to get off the beaten path and have an adventure, be sure to ask about a Marquesas Keys fishing charter. 
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The sun comes up as we set off to go fishing here in the beautiful Florida Keys.
April Fishing Report – April 9th, 2018
Spring is officially upon us here in the Florida Keys. Our annual tarpon migration has begun and the bite is great! Permit has been hit or miss due to the time of year the majority of the population is offshore spawning but there has been some nice bonefish up on the flats. 
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Tarpon fishing here in Key West is a year round affair
March Fishing Report – March 22nd, 2018
Even with the cooler weather this month we have still been catching them up! Tarpon, permit, cobia, jacks and monster sharks are all hanging out in the backcountry and have been a lot of fun these last couple weeks along with many other species. Check out our recent fishing report and stay in the bite!
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It’s Cold Again – March 9th, 2018 
So the last couple weeks have been amazing but now we are paying for it. With this cooler weather around targeting our sport fish has been tough but there are still plenty of fish around to pull some drag! As soon as these cold fronts blow through I bet we get a big batch of tarpon and the permit flood onto the flats before they spawn. But until then..
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Fishing Is Still Fantastic! – March 3rd, 2018
The fishing has still been off the chain! Tarpon fishing has been solid with both big and fun sized fish around. Sight fishing on the flats for permit, bonefish, and barracudas has been great as well. Our rod bending trips have been full of a ton of different species including jacks, snapper, ladyfish and sharks! 
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an angler is kneeling in the clear shallow Florida keys water while holding a nice bonefish with a green crab patterned fly in its mouth
February Has Been On Fire – February 14th, 2018
These last couple weeks the fishing has been out of control! Tarpon and permit fishing is strong as ever and rod bending fun is steady for everyone!
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A nice Key West tarpon is jumping out of the water with the sun shining off of its scales and water spraying.
February Tarpon Fishing Report – February 7th, 2018
It is typically a little early to see so many tarpon in town but im not complaining! Thousands of fish showed up a couple days ago and they are chewing!
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Get Lost – Febuary 1st, 2018
Next time you have a chance to run away and get lost in the middle of Mother Nature you wont regret it. Pack a back pack and venture off into the unknown, you never know what you will find. 
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an angler holds up a very small tarpon about 8 inches long in a dark mangrove forest.
January Fly Fishing Report – January 26th, 2018
Targeting the big three on fly has been tough these last few weeks with all of the cold weather here in Key West. Take a peak at what we have been targeting instead and why.
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a chartreuse tarpon toad fly sits on the fly tying table
Wintertime Permit Fishing – January 24th, 2018
Permit fishing in the wintertime can be highly productive here in Key West. These fish aren’t as affected by the influx of cooler water as our tarpon and bonefish and can be a great fish to target in these cooler months. 
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January Tarpon Fishing Report – January 20th, 2018
The bite has been pretty tough for our bigger tarpon during this cold January. Juveniles at night have still been playing ball in certain areas around Key West and under bridges up the Keys. 
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Cold Water Fishing Tips – January 19th, 2018
It is cold outside but we still want to go fishing! Take a look at some insider information on how to catch more fish here in the Florida Keys during these colder months.
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And angler holds up a nice Florida Keys Bluefish caught in the shallows off of key west
Ooh Barracuda – January 14th, 2018
Tis the season for these toothy critters here in the Florida Keys. Cooler weather pushes big barracudas onto the flats as well as plenty of other species into our backcountry basins. Rod bending fun is off the chain!
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Jack Attack -December 11, 2017
Averaging anywhere from 3-20+lbs these brutes are one of the hardest fighting fish in the ocean for their size. Jacks are eager to hop on any bait or lure that crosses their path. Topwater plugs, jigs, crank baits, pinfish, you name it and these fish will be all over it. 
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Baby Tarpon Fishing is Consistent – November 11, 2017
The baby tarpon fishing is still very consistent down here in Key West. These fish average anywhere from 10-30lbs and are a blast on light tackle. These juvenile tarpon make their way off of the flats and into channels as the water temperature cools. 
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