Key West Snorkeling Charters

with Capt. Nick & Capt Jess

Private Snorkeling Charters

A private snorkeling charter is a great way to get a true Keys experience. Your Captain will customize your trip based on skill level and comfortability. You will find most of the bigger snorkeling boats take people to the same places no matter how rough the water is or how bad the visibility is- a private charter offers a one-on-one experience with your captain to truly let you experience the beauty of the Florida Keys. This type of charter is great for beginners and people wanting to get their feet wet, as well as the experienced snorkeler looking to check out some next level areas that the commercial charters won’t take you to. Come get a taste of what the Keys are all about.
The waters around Key West are some of the most beautiful in the world so do not miss out on a chance experience it first hand. We have scattered patch reefs covered in colorful coral heads and sea fans. Sponge gardens full of tropical fish in clear and calm water. Shallow water shipwrecks and areas of live bottom full of all types of Caribbean creatures. We will customize your trip based on conditions to provide you with the most comfortable and memorable snorkeling experience possible.
These private snorkeling trips are also a gateway into a new obsession- Lobstering! Hone your snorkeling skills and get geared up for lobster season. We offer 4 and 6 hr lobster charters out of Key West and the Lower Keys, providing the time of year of course. Lobster season opens for 2 days in the end of July “sportsmans weekend” and then opens Aug 6th for a 9 month season.
We can provide all of your snorkeling gear if you do not have any as well as any instruction necessary from your experienced guide. Feel free to ask about our fishing/snorkeling combo trips if you want to get a taste of both worlds.


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