Key West Fishing Charters

With Capt. Nick LaBadie

Whether this is your first time saltwater fishing or you are an avid fly fisherman, book a fishing charter with Tailing Water Expeditions for a great day out there on the water!

Flats Fishing

shallow water sight fishing
No matter if you are a fly fishing junkie or new to saltwater fishing, sight fishing on the flats in the Florida Keys is an experience that you will not forget. Tarpon, permit, and bonefish fill our shallows and offer epic angling opportunities.

Backcountry Fishing

a pair of juvenile tarpon are seen through the branches of a mangrove tree.
adventure awaits
Tranquil mangrove islands and crystal clear flats make up what we call the backcountry here in the Florida Keys. These shallow flats and islands keep the water calm and clear for an enjoyable experience. 

Marquesas Keys Fishing

a picture taken at water level between two groups of mangrove trees and looking out at more mangroves in the background.
get off the beaten path
This chain of islands sits approximately 25 miles to the west of Key West and are certainly off the beaten path. If you are looking for a truly unique adventure, be sure to ask us about setting up a Marquesas Keys fishing charter. 

Tarpon Fishing

captain nick labadie is seen landing a big tarpon next to the boat as it jumps out of the water trying to get away one last time
welcome to the addiction
Drag screaming runs and beautiful arial displays separate this inshore sport fish apart from the rest. If you have not had a chance to take part in this incredible fishery I would highly recommend booking a tarpon charter here in Key West. Dates fill up fast so book in advance.


grey ghost
These iconic sport fish are sought after in some of the most tranquil areas across the globe. Strictly sight fished in the shallows, targeting the “grey ghost” is a great chance to challenge yourself. Patience and an accurate cast are usually rewarded.

Permit Fishing

an angler holds up a monster permit he caught on the flats off of key west
the holy grail
Welcome to the big leagues. Sight fishing for permit is an experience that is hard to describe over text. Some say they are the most difficult and equally most rewarding fish to target on the flats in the world. Bring your A-game because they always bring theirs.

Fly Fishing

Poling skiff on the flats of Key West looking for tarpon
strip, strip, hit em!
Fly Fishing in the Florida Keys is a sport that anglers have been taking part in since this iconic fishery was discovered. It truly is a pastime that makes us appreciate the fishery and beautiful ecosystem that we find ourselves in.

Nighttime Tarpon Fishing

an angler looks down in admiration at a tarpon caught at night with the flash from the camera shining off of the fishes silver scales.
no sunscreen required
Megalops Atlanticus is a primary nocturnal species and can be found actively feeding at night. With short runs to the tarpon grounds and an experienced guide, these trips are action packed with drag screaming action.

Shark Fishing

a close up picture of just the head of a big lemon shark with a hook in the corner of its mouth.
we are gona need a bigger boat
Our backcountry flats and basins are loaded with these toothy critters all year round. Shark fishing in the clear shallow waters of the Florida Keys make these fishing trips memorable and fun for everyone!